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Hear what others have to say.


Mission 5 Fitness has been the cure for my arthritic lower back. Working out with Joel has increased my muscular strength, flexibility, and overall sense of well-being.


Julia, 68 – Hyde Park

I had gotten a bone scan and was told that I had osteoporosis (I’m 59) and I was concerned that my walking regimen wasn’t doing enough to help keep me healthy and fracture-free. I was at a time in my life where stress from work, and other issues, was keeping me from sleeping. Eric is so good at listening and “hearing between the lines.” He customizes the workout each time we get together. My muscle tone is improved, my confidence in my body is higher and my stress level has reduced so that I’m sleeping and functioning better in my life. He is encouraging without being a bully. He’s funny and kind. Eric is creative and knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. Let him help you.


Lauren, 60 – Walnut Hills

I’ve been working out with Julie for about a year now. She’s like a little ray of sunshine when you walk in the gym. With her help and some nutritional guidance, I’ve been able to lose 14 lbs of fat, and gained 7 lbs of muscle… so now I’m burning more calories a day! (Not a bad thing in my book!).


Cathy, 53 – Hyde Park

Eric was exactly what I needed. He made going to the gym fun and never failed to amaze me with “new” exercises. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone who doesn’t know what to do in a gym and needs just a little bit more motivation. Thanks, Eric!


Steph, 31 – Hyde Park

It is truly amazing the amount of fitness work you can get done in just half an hour with Julie. Her workouts are never the same, but always intense. She develops combinations of functional, total-body exercises that train cardio as well as work and tone muscle groups. There’s very little stagnant lifting of weights — Julie’s workouts generally rely on full body motion that work a wider range of muscles. She takes time to demonstrate technique, and has just the right touch of motivation without being obnoxious. I’m exhausted but feel great when I’ve worked out with Julie.


Tom, 53 – East Walnut Hills

I’ve been training with Joel twice a week since 2007. What I love about working out at Mission 5 is that I never get bored—Joel is constantly changing the workout and challenging me with new exercises every session. He motivates and encourages me to work much harder than I ever would if I was working out on on my own (would you ever do 60 seconds of shoulder lifts by yourself? Didn’t think so…). Although I love being fit (I actually have triceps now), the biggest benefit is the way I feel after training at Mission 5. When I arrive, I’m usually half asleep, chugging coffee and slightly dreading my workout. However, by the time I leave my attitude has completely changed. I’m happy—ready to tackle the day. While the endorphins help, I give most of the credit to Joel. So, if you have the tendency to set the alarm, but hit the snooze button, rationalizing that you’ll work out in the evening (which never happens), I highly encourage you to try a training session at Mission 5. I guarantee that you’ll walk into work with a smile on your face, feeling a little bit smug that you have accomplished more already in your day than 99% of the people around you (Rock Star).


Carolyne, 35 – Downtown

Todd is a very good trainer and pleasurable to work with. It’s called “working out” and there’s no playing around but Todd makes it delightfully difficult. He keeps it fresh and challenging and I have profoundly positive results.


Andy, 53 – Amberly Village

Me and my doctor are very impressed with my results from working with Todd. The workouts are challenging, always changing and effective. Mission 5 is very clean, has nice equipment and isn’t intimidating. I recommend it to my friends all the time.


Judith, 66 – Carthage